ENSA ethical charter

In order to guarantee that better information on the soyfood products that are produced by ENSA members is provided to consumers and European regulators, the association decided to draw up an Ethical Charter.

The objective of the Charter is to make ENSA members responsible for better food safety with regards to soyfood products.

Art. 1. Production process of soyfood products

The members of the association pledge to produce their soyfood products using only natural production processes.

Art 2. Soya and genetically modified organisms

ENSA members pledge to guarantee that their products are GM-free.

Art 3. Source of supply of soya

ENSA members certify that the soy they use does not come from land that was previously rainforest.

Art 4. Scientific research

ENSA members pledge to encourage and promote scientific research on soy, in particular by means of financial support.

Since it was set up in 2003, the aim of the association has always been to provide:

  • Up-to-date scientific information, which has been verified and is as objective as possible, on products which contain soy and the health benefits of them;
  • Technical information specific to each category of food product which contains soy, in order to help national and European regulatory bodies to draw up the rules which are necessary in order to create a clear legislative framework as regards products which contain soy;
  • Proposals regarding policy and regulatory issues at European level which are of importance to its members.