ENSA members

Alpro, Belgium


Founded in 1980 and considered to be the European pioneer in soybean products, Alpro produces healthy ranges of drinks, desserts, yoghurt, cream, etc., and has production sites in Wevelgem (Belgium), Issenheim (France) and Kettering (UK).

Alpro is committed to ensuring a complete traceability of its products and a healthy lifestyle for consumers as well as employees. Alpro employs over 1000 people.

Further information is available on the Alpro website

Sojasun, France


Triballat Noyal is since the 1950’s a family company, pioneer and specialist in innovative niche markets. The company has successfully developed high potential categories such as plant-based products, organic, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, low fat cheeses and nutrition. Triballat Noyal employs 950 people. In 1988, with a unique and natural production process, Triballat Noyal launched Sojasun, the first and innovative range of fresh Soya desserts. Now, Sojasun offers a complete selection of high-quality soya products for promising categories: Yogurts and desserts, UHT drinks, delicatessen. Soyfood products account for more than a half of the company’s business.

Sojasun only uses natural and chemical free manufacturing techniques, preserving all the healthy benefits of soya. Since 1995, Sojasun has developed its own soya supply chain with strong partnership with selected growers. Every Sojasun pack carries the GMO-free certification. Moreover all our soya beans come from controlled soya growers in South-West and East of France.

Further information is available on the Sojasun website


Liquats Vegetals, Spain

Liquats Vegetals is the leading Spanish company in the soy drinks sector. It was set up in 1992. In an unique location, the Montseny Mountains (which culminate at 820m), Liquats Vegetals employs a professional team to develop the food that our bodies needs, which it produces using non-GM soy and organic soy. The company’s drinks have a high percentage of natural ingredients.

Further information is available on the Liquats Vegetals website


Nutrition et Sante, France

A French company specialised in natural soyfood products, situated in a organic environment – the Natural Regional Park in Haut-Languedoc. The ingredients used for the different products come from organic agriculture and non-GM soy is employed.

Nutrition et Sante has 68 employees.

Further information is available on the Nutrition et Sante website


Valsoia, Italy


Valsoia was established in 1990 in response to a growing demand for healthy food products. Valsoia’s mission is to improve quality of life by developing and offering consumers healthy alternatives to traditional foods. Over the years the company has developed a wide range of products which are distributed in Italy and abroad (in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Greece). Valsoia soy-based products include: drinks, ice cream, yoghurt, deserts, biscuits, condiments and pre-prepared dishes. All products are made only with natural ingredients of plant origin.

Further information is available on the Valsoia website


Amidori, Germany

AMIDORI was founded by the Büse and Wedel families in Stegaurach/Bamberg, Germany in 2015. After years of preparation and an extensive search for suitable raw materials and technologies long before the company was founded, the first vegetarian high-protein products were manufactured in late 2016 and marketed immediately on an international scale (Norway and Sweden) under the M¡dori® product line. The company views itself as an innovation leader in the production of plant-based raw materials. It started with the use of the yellow pea, lovingly dubbed “sunny pea”, in tandem with other protein sources such as beans, oats, rice and sunflowers.

Further information is available on the Amidori website


Gold&Green, Finland

Gold&Green Foods is a Finnish cross-cultural food tech company funded in 2015, selling and developing novel, delicious and sustainable plant protein foods. The company combines the latest Nordic food science findings and the pure, natural and trendy Nordic ingredients with some specific Asian food technologies in their innovative products. The Pulled Oats® meat-alternative range is completely plant-based, made with just five simple and wholesome ingredients: oats, yellow peas, faba beans, cold-pressed canola oil and salt.

Further information is available on the Gold&Green website


Quorn, United Kingdom

Quorn Foods is a UK-based a global market leader in meat alternative foods with nearly 4 billion meals served since 1985 with a simple message: to bring people delicious and exciting food that is good for them and good for the planet. Quorn makes the world’s diets healthier and more sustainable by helping the consumers to create great tasting meals. Mycoprotein is used as an ingredient in all Quorn products, which is why Quorn offers sustainable nutrition, enabling consumers to discover and make healthier versions of your favorite everyday meals.

Further information is available on the Quorn website