ENSA’s Sugars Reduction Commitment for 2020

The growing threat of obesity and associated diseases In February 2016 a Roadmap on Food Product Improvement was adopted by 22 EU Member States, which agreed to accelerate action on reducing the intake of energy, salt, saturated fats and added sugars in food products, in an attempt to reduce overweight and obesity rates among adults and children. The European Natural Soy and Plant-based Food Manufacturers Association (ENSA) recognises the growing obesity threat and the increasing need to provide consumers with
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Plant-based foods to get a more prominent role in dietary guidelines in the UK and Netherlands

Brussels, 29 March 2016. – The European Natural Soy and Plant-Based Foods Manufacturers Association (ENSA) welcomes new dietary guidelines recently published by public health authorities in the UK and the Netherlands. Both guidelines emphasise the importance of increased consumption of plant-based foods and foods low in saturated fat and sugars. Plant-based foods to get a more prominent role in dietary guidelines in the UK and Netherlands (PDF)

Daily Mail, ‘How a ‘plant-based’ diet can help women fight breast cancer: Patients told to make fruit, veg and wholegrains focus of meals’, 15.10.2014

Women should eat a plant-based diet to boost their odds of beating breast cancer, experts have said. The world’s biggest study into surviving the disease has concluded that patients should make fruit, vegetables and wholegrains the focus of their meals. Some meat is fine in moderation, but processed products such as sausages and bacon should be ‘avoided or eaten as little as possible’. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2794764/how-plant-based-diet-help-women-fight-breast-cancer-patients-told-make-fruit-veg-wholegrains-focus-meals.html#ixzz3GgBPmJf2

EurActiv Special Report – Sustainable and Healthy Food

With the world’s population expected to rise to nine billion by 2050, European regulators are pushing for a gradually greener approach to food sustainability, warning that demand for food could cause a number of related crises, such as runaway carbon Read the full EurActiv Special Report – Sustainable and Healthy Food

ENSA – Growing appetite for a healthy and sustainable diet

Introduction Due to a number of developments in the last few decades the challenges in the food sector have never been bigger than today: a growing population, changing consumption patterns and increasingly scarce resources have entailed that sustainable food has become an important issue in the political and societal debate, especially in Western Europe. The European Commission has highlighted the challenges on this issue: “the food Europe produces and consumes has a significant impact on the environment through, for example,
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Foodnavigator – What is the true cost of reduced plant food consumption?

Increasing intakes of soy and other plant-based foods and supplements can reduce environmental burdens – but does the political will exist to do it? Not really, says the chair of the 10-year-old European Natural Soyfood Manufacturers Association (ENSA). What is the true cost of reduced plant food consumption(PDF)

European Week of Soya 2013 – 10 years of driving sustainable food consumption and production – what’s next?

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the European Natural Soyfood Manufacturers Association, Mr Bart Staes MEP and ENSA are organizing an interactive lunch panel debate on “10 years of driving sustainable food consumption and production – what’s next?”, on 4 December in Brussels. Since its foundation in 2003, ENSA has raised awareness for the role of soy and a plant-based diet in moving to a more sustainable food production and consumption pattern. With the expected EU Communication on
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