Soy and sustainable development

Not only are soy products good for your health, they are also good for the Planet!  Scarcity of natural resources and protection of the environment is high on the agenda and the time has come to reflect on easy ways to effectively reduce our individual environmental footprint.  Although often neglected, adopting a more sustainable diet can play an important role.

In the sections below, read about the impact soy foods can have in the following areas:

Role of plant-based dietsPlant-based diets

Today, many of us are thinking about ways to save our planet and the consequences of climate change.  One way to protect our planet is by adopting a diet including more sustainable foods, such as soy foods. Read more about plant-based diets.


European cultivation

European cultivation of soy

Growing non-GM soy in Europe contributes to a sustainable protein supply in Europe. The members of ENSA are proud to support initiatives such as the Danube Soy Initiative, which calls for increasing the cultivation of non-GM soy in Europe. More information on European cultivation of soy