ENSA members commit to further reduce total sugars of their plant-based drink portfolio by 5% by 2020

Brussels, 20 March 2017. – Fully aware of the need to contribute to the fight against obesity and associated diseases and to help consumers switch to healthy options, ENSA members are committed to provide consumers with healthy plant-based foods and beverages. Soy-based drinks are nutrient-dense products. They are a source of high-quality protein and represent a nutritionally equivalent alternative to dairy products for people who choose not to consume or to vary from animal-based foods. Other plant-based beverages (made from
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ENSA’s Sugars Reduction Commitment for 2020

The growing threat of obesity and associated diseases In February 2016 a Roadmap on Food Product Improvement was adopted by 22 EU Member States, which agreed to accelerate action on reducing the intake of energy, salt, saturated fats and added sugars in food products, in an attempt to reduce overweight and obesity rates among adults and children. The European Natural Soy and Plant-based Food Manufacturers Association (ENSA) recognises the growing obesity threat and the increasing need to provide consumers with
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